Los Angeles

MultiPlatinum studio/engineer 4 hour $100

Insane sale
on multiplatinum studio time sessions/lessons

4 hour block 

754 444 7246


12 Reasons to Choose Rainman Studios for your next project




 Sessions include:

·       Mixing

·       Mastering

·       Vocal Tracking

·       Recording guitar bass and/or keyboards 

·       Recording drums

·       Full Band Recording

·       Piano/keyboards

·       Music production (Dave adding piano, bass or drums etc) 

·       Recording guitar bass and/or keyboards 

·       Recording drums

Lessons include:

·       Recording engineering

·       Mixing/Mastering

·       Music production

·       Music theory and composition

·       Piano

·       Sight reading music

·       Cubase software

·       Reason software

·       Pro tools software

·       Advanced social marketing and web promotion

·       Set up your own internet radio/TV station

·       FM radio production

·       FM radio board operator

·       Home studio set up and proper use

·       Sony Vegas software 

·       Video editing in Sony Vegas 



754 444 7246

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 Phone: (754) 444-7246